Meet our Authors

Dr. Wallace Panlilio II

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Dr. Wallace Panlilio II has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Psychology, with a specialisation in online learning, best learning practices, and parenting. He studied at the prestigious University of the Philippines, where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field of study. 

Dr. Wallace works with educational institutions to elevate the quality of education in the Philippines, even serving as a headmaster of an IB World School for 14 years. His colleagues look up to him as a visionary, and applaud him for his expertise and innovation in the field of education. He has been instrumental in driving life-long learning, growth, and success for the educational institutions he has worked with. 

Dr. Wallace is also a businessman with extensive experience in the digital economy. He currently serves as the Director of Digital Ventures Pte. Ltd, where he is fostering innovative entrepreneurship through digital publishing and platform initiatives.

As a life-long learner himself, Dr. Wallace seeks to live and learn widely through his world travels with his wife, Sheryl. He’s also a budding open water swimmer, having completed a number of 1 to 10  kms in the past years.

Dr. Artyom Zinchenko

Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience

Artyom Zinchenko, PhD, is an accomplished author and cognitive neuroscientist with extensive experience in the field. He earned his Doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive Human and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, where his research focused on emotions and cognitive conflict processing.

Dr. Zinchenko is now a researcher and faculty member at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, where his research interests include cognition-emotion interaction and long-term memory guided attention during visual search. He uses various neurophysiological methods to support his research, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography, skin-conductance, eye-tracking, and combined EEG-fMRI methodology.

Aside from his research, Dr. Zinchenko is an experienced teacher who has taught courses in EEG methodology, cognitive neuroscience, and data analysis. He is also dedicated to introducing cognitive neuroscience to high school students.

Dr. Zinchenko is a father of two and enjoys helping his children with their studies, which inspires him to continue learning himself. He is currently pursuing new knowledge in areas such as machine learning, statistics, and app design.

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